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Pretty sure colours can affect the way you feel.

Happier when wearing pastels,
Stricter when wearing black,
Sexier when wearing red,
Tanned when wearing yellow / orange (hey ! Trick),
Home, when wearing blue.

This article is  starting to look like a colouring book.
Anyway, I am totally in love with this season colours.

Wearing :

Coat – ZARA
Top – CAMAIEU, you can find a similar one in H&M.
Jeans – Zara, you can find similar ones in Topshop, River Island.
Shoes - Andre if you’re in France, Stella McCartney if you’re somewhere else. Way more expensive though.
Bag – Vintage. Givenchy does some similars.

See you soon !

Ps : I have opened a Facebook Page for The Fashion Coaster. Here, yep, here ! 

Pastels PASTELS Pretty sure colours can affect the way you feel. Happier when wearing pastels, Stricter when wearing…

Can’t we just stop ? Miley Cyrus would say no.

Can’t we just stop ? Miley Cyrus would say no.


This article might be re-edited soon. I just wanted to write about it as quick as possible, because it really bothers me.
I am not pretending to be a Saint. I have said terrible things about people I didn’t even know, and if those people got offended by what I said, I want them to know how sorry I am.

I am aware of what I did, and I am seriously trying to change the way I…

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From Paris, with love.

From Paris, with love.


Finally, here it is. The new article.

I’ve been really busy lately, that is why I didn’t take much time to write.
I’ve been to Paris recently, I have finally attended the Cartier Exhibition. I might have idealized it too much, I’ve been a bit disappointed. Not that the jewels were not gorgeous, of course they were, the whole Cartier collection is a master-piece, it is breath-taking, but I…

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